Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A quick catch up

I shall start with a picture of my latest buy to entice you into reading my latest post!
Fox lights

Life with Pickle-Lily has been busy, but not particularly exciting lately, now there's a turn-off from reading any more! I have been busy with school and crafting has been taking a bit of a back seat. P has had her first stall on her own, which was a success and has been busy dancing and with guides, as well as school.
Both of us have been very busy on Pinterest - which is highly addictive and I'm now hooked on Instagram! This has led me into finding even more fabrics to add to my collection! I have made some glow in the dark bunting from Riley Blake fabric.

Glow in the dark bunting
The screme egg critters have gone down very well and I am trying to knit some more - you can find the pattern here.
Next week is half term and there will be more posts and a tutorial and a giveaway, so keep watching!


Ali said...

Love the fabric and looking forward to your next post x

Picto said...

It sounds a busy time. Well done to Little P. doing a fair on her own. Glow in the dark fabric is great, I have a couple of pens I use for the eyes on my art dolls.

Jan x

Sara M Sara's Texture Crafts said...

Well done pickle on your first stall!
Love those fox lights :)
Hope when things quieten down you can find some crafty time, Sxx