Friday, 20 July 2012

School's out for summer :)

Yes - you can see Christmas fabric!
The sun is shining and I have broken up for the summer holidays!!!!
Sorry I haven't appeared for a while, but I have just been soooo busy and I'm afraid blogging was one of the things that had to give. School wise I have been very busy, I think lots of people had to fit in final paperwork and so I have had a good July, supply wise. My Folksy page continued to be busy, which meant I was up till midnight some days and awake at 5am others to fit everything in - but I most definitely not complaining!
I have managed a little fabric shopping ....

I have also created a new Make kit - Funky Fish - ready for the summer holidays. You can make a big bean bag fish and a little key ring fish. P keeps singing 'Big fish, little fish, cardboard box ... but I have no idea where this comes from! She is off to Guide camp next week so we are busy getting all the blue clothes together ready for her to pack (they are only allowed to wear blue clothes!). The good news is son is off the crutches and out of the boot so he is good to go to camps over the summer as well!
Pickle-Lily and I are also working on a special, surprise secret project for Mr PL's birthday, so hopefully all will be revealed Monday -  it is a great gift idea, if I say so myself, so watch out for it next week.
If you are looking for ideas for the summer I can not recommend this blog enough The Imagination Tree it is full of wonderful ideas and so easy to do!
See you soon
Jo x
PS Don't forget the Surprise! Surprise! giveaway closes on Monday 23rd - more to look forward to!


Twinkle Star said...

I love your fish kits - so cute! Hope P has fun at camp and glad to hear your son is on the mend!

Take care, Estelle xx