Thursday, 16 February 2012

Snowdrop Valley

My guest blogger today is .... Pickle-Lily

On Wednesday 15th February 2012 My Mum, Brother and I went to Exmoor.
We first visited Snowdrop Valley, a beautiful forest carpeted with snowdrops in February. It has a single track entrance so narrow you can’t even walk past the minibus used for taking tourists up to the valley when it comes up. We parked in a nearby car park and took a Snowdrop valley park and ride minibus up to the valley.
As soon as you get into the valley the vast amount of snowdrops really hit you, and a peaceful sensation fills you with a real appreciation for the countryside.
There is a set route through the valley (on a rather muddy path!) and it takes you through patches of gorgeous snowdrops. The sheer amount of snowdrops there are its amazing. The snowdrops aren’t natural and were thought to be put there by monks in a nearby village. This magical place is only accessible by bus (in February) or walking to stop traffic blockages when the snowdrops are in full bloom.



Jam Dalory said...

What a wonderful place, I used to visit Exmoor often as a child but I don't think I ever came across this place. Isn't nature beautiful. x

Caroline Lovis (Redneedle) said...

They look so pretty don't they, soon to be followed by carpets of bluebells hopefully

Picto said...

This looks a beautiful place, it looks magical, did you see any wee folks?
It's great to know a little bit of history about these sorts of places, thank you for sharing.

Jan x