Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter?

What a week-end!
Yesterday's craft fair at Berrow went really well, and I had my first two comissions for personalised sacks, so I am now busy making those!
During the day P complained so much about her arm hurting that I phoned Dad to come and collect her at lunch time. She had somehow (to quote her) sat on it Friday afternoon and it had clicked. Despite us calpolling her up and resting it and saying she has just strained it, she was still complaining about it this morning. You can of course guess what comes next! I take her to the minor injuries unit at 8.15 am this morning - we live in a seaside town and with this fabulous weather it is very busy here, and consequently, so is the MIU. The very nice nurse doses her up on megacapol so P will let her touch it, and she now has her arm in plaster as they think it is a greenstick fracture! We now have to go back on Tuesday morning for them to recheck it and take an x-ray, with our packed lunch and tea as it will be so busy after the holiday week-end! Tuesday is also P's birthday!!!

I have just listed three new story sacks on ebay - Noah's Ark, Eric Carle stories and Dear Zoo.